Getting Started

  1. Sign-up
  • Sign up here for a free Vendreo account.
  1. Create a Payment Profile
  • After creating an account, you'll need to generate a new Payment Profile.
  • Go to Payment Profile and click on Create New Profile button.
  • Choose a name for the Profile and click 'Create'.
  • Click "Link new Bank Account" button, select the Bank you want to proceed with and follow the instructions on the screen.
  1. Contact Support
  • Once you have card integrations enabled on your account, you will need to contact support to start the ball rolling in regard to setting up a Merchant Profile.
  1. Integrate your website
  • Select Payment Profiles under the Developer Section, and generate your payment profile secret (this will only be shown once, so keep safe).
  • Optionally, if you want to keep your payment profile informed about payments, you'll need to add a Callback URL in the edit section.