QR Link Payments

QR / Link Payments are a fast method to make a payment.

You can create a QR / Link Payment by accessing QR / Link Payments section from the menu, and clicking Create QR / Link Payment button.

  • QR Code Create
A name or description for the code for identification purposes
Payment ProfileRequired
One of your profiles. You can create a new profile by accessing the Payment Profiles section from the main menu.
Payment TypeRequired
Can be fixed or variable. Fixed payments will always charge the users a fixed amount
This is only needed when the Payment Type is fixed
The currency of the transaction
Redirect URLRequired
A URL where the user will be redirected after completing the transaction

After filling the form, a new QR Code and a URL Link will be generated. You can download the code by pressing Download button, or copy the URL Link by pressing Copy button.

QR Code / Link Usage

By accessing the payment URL link or by scanning the QR Code with a smartphone, the user will be redirected to the payment page, where they can enter a specific reference for the payment.

URL Payment EntryURL Payment Start

The callbacks requests for the QR / Link Payments will be similar to Single Payments.