Verify Card

You may want to ensure that the card details are valid before proceeding with a payment. You may, for example, want to check the user has a valid card upon registration and then bill the user after a trial period.

Creating A Payment Token

Set up your payment request using the following guide (Full example: docs).

  • Set amount to 0.
  • Set enable_verify_card to 1.
  • If you want to charge this card at a later date, you can set tokenize_payment to 1.
    "application_key": "{APPLICATION_KEY}",
    "amount": "0",
    "country_code": "GB",
    "currency": "GBP",
    "description" : "Product Description",
    "options": "optional string",
    "reference_id": 12312312,
    "tokenize_payment": "1",
    "customer_billing_email": "Joe Blogs",
    "customer_billing_address": "123 Test Street",
    "customer_billing_post_code": "AA1 1AA",
    "enable_verify_card": "1"

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