Accounts Integrations

Xero Integration

Once you have set up your live payment profile, you can enable the ability for users to pay their invoices via Vendreo.

  • Go to the "Xero Integrations" page
  • Click "Connect to Xero", log into Xero and allow Vendreo access.
  • Select the "Xero Payment Account" you want payments to be associated with
  • Select the Payment Profile where you want to get paid to.
  • Copy the "Payment URL" to your clipboard.
  • Click the "Xero Payment Services" link
  • Select the Under Additional Payment Services, select Custom Payment URL.
  • Fill in the Custom URL connection as per below:
  • Paste your Custom URL from the Vendreo Xero Dashboard into the Custom URL and hit save
  • At the top of the page, you should now see "Connected Payment Services", select "Manage Themes"
  • Select Vendreo under the credit card options for the themes you want to select.
  • Your setup is now complete.